Cori Cannavino is a visual and performing artist working in digital media. Her work is informed by Dora Kalff's research in the development of Sandspiel, or Sand Play, a Jungian methodology utilizing sand, water, and living archetypes; represented by figurines and miniatures. Kalff argues that materials and their chosen arrangements are imbued with psychic matter, a belief inherent to ritual composition. Cori recently completed research in Naples, Italy on precipios, or cribs, experimental Nativity scenes which archive the figures and customs of the Neapolitan cultural imagination. 

Solo Exhibitions
2022, The Club George Gallery, Do a Little Holy Thing
2019, Hampshire College Gallery, In Light I4

Group Exhibitions
2022, Gallery 263, Notes on Shapeshifting
2022, The Pushkin Gallery, Gravity Hill, Curator
2020, Anchor House of Artists, The Path was Green in the May Light, Curator